We are an all natural cleaning company which specializes in thorough cleaning.      Using 100% natural cleaning products, we clean your space from top to bottom.

Owned and operated by an Asheville, NC resident, Castle Cleaning uses 100% natural products.  We believe in protecting our staff and the areas we clean from chemicals and pollutants found in everyday cleaning products.  The result is a healthy working environment, a safer earth, and a happy and healthy customer.

We have over 20 years of experience cleaning homes, offices and windows.  Owner Johanna grew up working for her family’s cleaning business in Illinois.  From an early age she helped clean homes and offices doing as she was able.  To this day she remains friends with the owners of businesses and homes she helped to clean 30 years ago.   After working as a civil engineer, she has returned to her roots in the cleaning business, and is passionate about helping others live a healthy, and environmentally friendly lifestyle.  She brings her family’s work ethic and business to the Asheville, NC area.